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From Rebel to

Be a Rebel like no other!

Join the Rebellion and grow as our Rebel family grows. Be a key member of this community (even more than you currently are!) and bring your friends to enjoy some exclusive benefits.


Unlimited invites 🤟

Bring all the friends you want. 


Your unique link 🔁

Share your link through your channel of choice ( on your web site, social media, WhatsApp groups...)


Rewards 💸

You and your friends get money for every purchase they make.


Welcome Pack 🎁

Are you proud to be part of this movement? So are we! Receive your Welcome Pack when you become an ambassador. 


Preferential access 🥇

Try all the new features before the rest of the Rebels. You can give us feedback any time - We’re always listening to you!

Rebel Manifesto

We like to be the way we are


  • By sharing your link, you will help us to democratise financial services. You will not send your link in vain.

  • We talk about money above all things. Even in memes.

  • You will honour sweepstakes, campaigns and cashback.

  • You will love your relationship with money and treat it in a healthy way.

  • You will share your feedback on new features with your Rebel family.

  • You will use your Rebellion card for your purchases and ensure it is always topped up.

  • You will honour our social media.

  • You will proudly show off your merchandising.

Are you joining the Rebellion?

Us Rebels are generous and know that good things are meant to be shared... 😏

Step 1

Fill in the form in less than 1 minute. We’ll take a quick look at it to get to know you better 👀.

Step 2

Once your request is approved, you will be able to find your exclusive link on the app.

Step 3

Share it whenever and wherever you want and start enjoying all the exclusive benefits.

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